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Art of Traction

Why Should You Join Us?

We're a crew of renegade leaders, humans, and folx who are coming together to vision, practice the art and craft of Future Writing™, take action without compromise, and build sovereignty.  

Our space is queer friendly, white supremacy fighting, NOT gender normative, and definitely not capitalist loving (even though many of us make good money doing what we do).  We work together to build a better world and we NEVER say what you desire is impossible.

Pssst...We are a FREE community, but we do seek donations after you've been a member for 60 days.  We never force donations or make it a condition for membership.  #accesswithoutverifyingincome is crucial.  

(I said 'fuck no' to sliding scale, because it requires people to self-identify as lower income and I think that dehumanizes.  Instead, we are self-selecting and allow you to take responsibility for your donation level) 

About the Creator?

Makenna Held is most 'famous' (if you can call her that :) ) for being the woman who bought Julia Child's former summer home in the South of France, La Pitchoune. A long time entrepreneur and writer, she built the Art of Traction as a haven for people who have visions that veer from the norm and to teach her life-transforming practice of Future Writing™ to as many humans as possible.  

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